Mineral Booster (50 Capsules)

Mineral Booster (50 Capsules)

Now Available1st Addition to the Faith Cleanse Collection Legacy

Our Mineral Booster is uniquely crafted with the most powerful Active Ingredients Including: 

-Wildcrafted Seamoss 


(2) very nutritious Algae that contains 92 minerals of the 102 in our System. Our Mineral Booster Capsules are FREE of Additives, Gluten, Preservatives and GMOs with Benefits Including but, not limited to: 

+Mood Enhancement 

+Immunity Boost 

+Hair & Skin




+Weight Loss

+Bone Function 


INSTRUCTIONS: Take 2-3 Capsules per day for the body to absorb Minerals needed for Optimum function and well being.

  • Warning

    Store in A Dark cool place away from Light and Heat 

  • Shelf Life

    2-5 years