Herbal 24K GOLD Beauty Elixir (29mL)

Herbal 24K GOLD Beauty Elixir (29mL)

What is an Herbal Beauty Elixir?
A medicinal solution that promotes:

•Tightens pores
•Guards against environmental damage from sunlight and air pollution; as well as lowering risk of wrinkles as a result of Antioxidant properties.
•Hydrates skin
•Tones skin
•Improves skin circulation
•Contains Vitamins and Minerals
•Reduces Inflammation

Imani Chata's Herbal Beauty Elixir contains REAL 24K GOLD Flakes which helps to provide the skin with a natural GLOW while promoting anti-aging properties. 

Apricot Oil
Walnut Oil
24K Gold Flakes 


  • Application:

    Apply Using the dropper to Add on desired parts of the face, Massage Elixir into skin for a minimum of 20 secs for effective absorption.