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Our Story

Our creator has created us to create! Since 2014 I have begun a life fulfilling journey that included a healthier lifestyle. Cutting back on unclean foods and incorporating herbs into my daily living has been a journey worth sharing with others. This establishment was founded in Brooklyn NYC where I was born and raised, filled with busy streets and unique ideas, I have always had a growing passion for healing. Through life changing events I began to dig deeper into this passion studying herbalism and discovering the simplicity of the human body. Though we have now relocated to Atlanta GA, we are blessed to say we distribute our products and services throughout the U.S. Imani Chata's products are unique herbal infusions that rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. Chata is defined as cleanse/purify in the ancient Hebrew tongue. As I continue on my journey of traveling and furthering my education to become a Certified Herbalist; we will continue to grow, learn, and heal...Together! Place your orders today for Natural Home-made herbal products/remedies made affordable with Love and Care. Shalom. 

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Our Core Values and Mission:

H - Heal the body by first healing the mind. 
E - Evaluating everything we were taught while embracing our true heritage. 
A - Aligning ourselves with the Most High God.
L - Loving our neighbor as we love ourselves.

F - Faith; we are a FAITH based business and are proud to say it! We work hard to deliver quality service and products to our Family with unwavering trust in our mission. 
A - Ability to keep going even when we are faced with life's challenges. 
I - Irresistible products that offers stable shelf life. 
T - Transparency in our Testimonials, here at the Imani Chata family we strive to build trust with our customers, CHECK OUT OUR TESTIMONIAL TAB FOR MORE. 
H - Honoring our clients through confidentiality and honest results.

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