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“Imani is one of the most caring people and beautiful souls God has created on this earth.  I’ll tell you why. My name is Jamel, me and sister Imani go to the same church called “The Gathering of Christ Church.” A few months ago, I hurt my leg playing basketball and a friend of mine fell on me causing me to get a serious fracture in my right tibia bone. I had to be rushed to the hospital the next day because of the amount of pain I was in. When seeing the orthopedic, he told me it would take probably 3 months for my leg to heal. Every night I would have some serious pain and could not sleep. I was using Tiger Balm and it wasn't helping much, but thanks to Imani Chata Pain Relief Salve that all changed! Imani offered me her product for free. It helped me so much when I slept. That is why I say she is such a caring person. She saw my injury and offered to help. Her herbal cream also took all the pain away. I was able to go to work, DJ all the events I was booked for, walk around, and didn't miss any church services or events. She helped me Endure my trial. Thanks to Imani’s product, My leg was healed in less than 3 months. I can now walk better and have no pain. I recommend her product to anyone and for any type of injury, it does miracles! Thank you, sister Imani I appreciate you and your gifts. Trust I will never forget that you helped me. All Praise to the Most High!!!”


“Shalom...As a licensed Cosmetologist/Loc Technician who's been in the hair business over 22 years, I can definitely tell you standing on my feet for hours and using your hands for hours, day after day, can truly wear on your entire body. After many years of doing this work, it started to take a toll on my body. Over worked hands, knees, back and feet...THANK GOD for Imani Chata's Herbal Pain Relief Salve! It has given me the full body relief I've needed to perform my duty. You only need a little bit on the effected can feel it penetrating with relief and healing!!! It absorbs in your skin without any greasy buildup and it smells sooo good as well. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I recommend this gift to EVERYONE! Truly amazing. I now use it before and after clients to ensure relief so I can continue my gift. So get yourself a jar or two! Buy a jar for someone else and enjoy the feeling of relief and healing. Thank you Sis Imani

It's time for my next order!”


“I use the 24K Gold Beauty Elixir everyday! It’s super moisturizing and light-weight. It doesn’t break me out and it keeps my t-zone under control from dryness. With us experiencing Fall and Winter soon approaching, I suggest all get this product.” 


"Hey! you know how serious I am about my Mucus Buster Tonics. I started taking it about 2 years ago on a 7 day trip in PA where the weather was really cold, then hot during the day. I started to experience discomfort in my throat, swelling lymph nodes in the neck region etc.. Once I started drinking the Mucus Buster Tonic my throat became healed. I continued to take it every day on the trip and didn't have any symptoms at all being in the cold I love it! I also gave it to my mom who was dealing with a bad cough from allergies and it help as well! Forever a customer!!!!!"


"As a personal trainer and athlete, I need to take care of my body and reduce pain as much as possible. I ordered Imani’s pain salves, and let me tell you, it works wonders! It helped me with my recovery after workouts, but most importantly it subsided pain so I could exercise efficiently without interruptions. I highly recommend this product if you are experiencing any aches or pains, you won’t regret it!"


I am so so pleased with Imani's Elderberry Tincture drops. Believe it or not I actually had a scratchy throat recently and decided to take some of Imani's Elderberry drops. Sometime later my scratchy throat no longer existed. Of course, this was my experience. I am not claiming the drops would prevent future colds. However, I definitely believe the drops prevented me from having a cold altogether. Imani's drops are surely worth trying.

Joya Smiley

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